Is Development News 22? Really a Good Read?

Is this issue of Development News 22? really a good read? pikachuweb This article attempts to answer this question by examining the content of the issues and articles covered. The study omitted the sport and entertainment sections, easy pages, government organizations of interest. vidmatenews The questions were designed to gauge the reader’s interest in specific themes within the newspaper, and follow up questions were provided for each one. The complete study sheet is attached as appendix B. net4indianews The results of this study complement other variables, but are largely based on the investigative articles and editorials.

It also asks how the media functions as a watchdog, monitoring the people in power. The media is not a threat to those in power, but neither are they free from criticism. Wikitribune Several interviews by Mpagaze and White with Tanzanian journalists show the role of the media as watchdogs and mirrors. Journalists have concerns about the government, but they view NGOs as legitimate sources of information. However, Gitorious the media can be a useful tool to make citizens aware of important issues.

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