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Comparison of Messenger and Facebook

While Messenger’s main function is chat, Facebook is looking into other aspects of its messaging platform. With the introduction of chatbots and artificial intelligence, the company has already begun to branch out beyond traditional messaging. It is also exploring ways to deliver news and payments through Messenger, as well as voice calling. As these features become more spicecinemas common, Facebook hopes to further distinguish Messenger from its rival. The following is a comparison of Messenger and Facebook.

Despite having similar features, Facebook has changed its privacy settings for Messenger. The new settings for privacy have angered some users. WhatsApp has similar privacy policies as Facebook. Both Facebook and Messenger track everything you do on your phone, including net worth time in the foreground or background, and even which applications you use. This can seriously degrade your battery life. Therefore, it is important to understand how Facebook’s new privacy policies impact your use of the two apps.

Messenger Lite doesn’t have chat extensions, animated stickers, and stories. You can’t create new groups in Messenger, but you can share messages within trendingbird existing groups. Despite being a free version, Facebook is trying to push its chat functionality to Messenger. In short, Facebook is trying to make Messenger the only service users will want to use. While Messenger has 900 million users, it is not yet as popular as Facebook.

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